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At Prins Dental, we perform a wide variety of services to help you get the smile you deserve. By leveraging today's advanced techniques and technology, your Medford dentist Dr. Prins can restore your beautiful smile to help you maintain your youthful appearance. Whether you need a filling, have crooked teeth, or need a complete smile makeover, we can offer a treatment plan that's right for you.

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► Preventive
List of preventive dental services at Prins Dental
As a practice, at Prins Dental, we are true believers in the idea that preventive care and education are the keys to optimal dental health. We encourage you to read the information contained below to ensure that you and your family are on the pathway to optimal health and wellness.

Professional Dental Cleanings

One of the things that makes the biggest difference in your continued oral health is having two professional dental cleanings per year. This is also one of the most overlooked parts of your regular dental hygiene routines. People surmise that something that is only done two times a year couldn’t make that much of a difference in the long run. Actually, it makes a huge difference!

Consider the health of your car for example. You only change the oil in your car a few times a year, but if you let it go without an oil change for a few years you would certainly expect serious problems to arise. The benefits of having routine professional dental cleanings done are substantial.

During these cleanings, we remove built-up plaque and tartar that is impossible to remove using at-home oral hygiene methods. This plaque and tartar is made up of the bacteria that cause tooth decay and various forms of gum disease.

We also can remove any bacterial build-up beneath the gums during these cleanings. This requires special tools that allow us to reach below the gum line and scrape the roots of your teeth clean.

These cleanings allow us to reset your teeth’s bill of health. Giving you a fresh starting point from which to begin anew.

Dental Examinations

Dental exams give us a chance to find out exactly what is happening in your mouth. Over the course of six months a lot can happen within your mouth and after an exam, we can give you an idea of what you will need to do to treat any issues that we can find. Or we may find that we need to intervene to take care of an issue that has progressed past the point of being able to be treated at home.

During a dental examination, we will thoroughly inspect your teeth for issues above and below the gum line. We will take x-rays of your mouth to ensure that we don’t miss any issues in areas that we may have trouble seeing, such as between the teeth or below the gums. We will inspect your teeth for signs of decay and areas of possible over-wear caused by teeth grinding.

We also perform routine oral cancer screenings during the examination process.


We use x-rays to check on the health of parts of your mouth that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to see. x-rays allow us to see below the gum line to the roots of the teeth, as well as any weakness in the enamel of teeth. x-rays also make it significantly easier for us to detect certain forms of oral cancer.

We use x-rays to check on any teeth that are still waiting to come in, such as wisdom teeth, or adult teeth.

Digital X-rays

We are proud to offer digital x-rays at our Medford, Oregon office. Digital x-rays produce a tiny fraction of the radiation that normal x-ray produces. Further, when we take digital x-rays they are available to view for both us and you immediately. After we take your x-ray we can project the image immediately onto a monitor for you to view. This allows us to show you any issues that we see right away.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are an extremely proactive solution to tooth decay. The molars are the work-horses of our mouth, constantly bearing the brunt of the chewing within our mouth. Molars have so many grooves, pits, and valleys, that food has a tendency to get stuck within. If left or forgotten, food particles can cause cavities in the valleys of our molars. Dental sealants prevent such a thing from happening by acting as a shield for our teeth.

Dental sealants are applied to your teeth in the form of a liquid that we paint over the tops of your molars. This sealant hardens into a protective coating that can last from three to five years.

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► Restorative
List of restorative dental services at Prins Dental
Our restorative dental services can help you realize the healthy vibrant smile of your dreams! We pay particular attention to your needs and comfort, and offer multiple financing options. We can help you visualize your new smile with simulations, photos, models, or temporaries. We strive to exceed your expectations with your comfort, the long-term functionality and longevity of your restorations, and pleasing aesthetics. For more information about the types of restorative services we offer, please click on the appropriate link below.


We use fillings to treat cavities that occur in your teeth. When bacteria builds up on your teeth and is left for a while it will tend to start eating away at the structure therein. We will drill the decay out of your tooth and use the filling to make your tooth whole again. We offer tooth-colored (composite) fillings and amalgam fillings.

Tooth-colored fillings are a fantastic option that allows us to drill smaller portions of the tooth and still have a successful filling. Amalgam fillings are what most people think of when they think of fillings—metallic and silver in appearance. Anymore, the only time we use amalgam fillings is when a large amount of drilling is required.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to salvage a tooth that would otherwise fail without our intervention. When a tooth is near failure due to decay or trauma, a crown is a viable option that allows you to keep your natural tooth. We will measure your tooth and take an impression of it to use as a mold for the creation of the crown.

We will reshape your tooth in order to place the crown over the top of it. Once it has been shaped appropriately we can attach the crown over it using permanent dental cement. The crown will look and act exactly as your natural tooth would.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great way to replace lost teeth. Losing a tooth can bring a whole host of unwanted side effects. When a tooth is lost and not replaced the teeth next to the gap begin to loosen and the bone where the tooth used to be will begin to recede. Once bone loss starts It is likely that other teeth will be lost. Your bite can even change resulting in chipped and cracked teeth.

A dental implant is a surgically placed dental appliance that grows into the bone of your jaw. Having dental implants placed can prevent further tooth loss and even stimulate the bone in your jaw to regrow. A dental implant looks and acts just like your real teeth.

ASIRD is committed to improving the quality of care for dental implant patients by elevating the standards of surgical and restorative dental education and practice. Not every dentist routinely restores and maintains dental implants and not all placers of dental implants are surgeons. By using an ASIRD team, rest assured that your dentist routinely restores and maintains dental implants and only a trained dental implant focused oral surgeon will place your implant.

Learn more about ASIRD.

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges offer a tooth replacement solution to those who have lost one to four teeth in a row. A bridge can make a huge difference to someone who has had to go without teeth. Being able to speak properly and chew your food can make a big difference in life. Dental bridges give people their dignity and self-image back.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is performed when decay has reached the inner portion of the tooth and has begun to affect the root. In order to save the tooth, it is hollowed out and filled with an inert substance that helps it to retain its structure. In the long run, root canal therapy saves people literally thousands of dollars on dental bills that would otherwise be spent on expensive dental appliances like implants.

Take Care of Your Teeth!

We highly encourage you to keep a rigorous dental hygiene routine in order to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. All of the restorative dental procedures listed above need just as much care as your teeth in order to have a long lifespan. Brushing after breakfast and again before bed is a great way to keep plaque from forming on your teeth. Flossing at least once a day is critical in order to remove food particles and plaque from between the teeth.

If you want to give your oral health routine an extra kick, it can help quite a bit to rinse your mouth out after snacks and midday meals. Rinsing with water can help to wash away food particles and even the bacteria that causes plaque. Coming to see us at least twice a year for a cleaning and dental exam is also highly recommended.

Please call us today at (541) 773-5441 to schedule your appointment.

► Cosmetic
List of Cosmetic Dentistry services at Prins Dental

Porcelain Veneers

Dental Veneers are custom crafted porcelain laminates fitted over the front of an existing tooth. They bond directly to the front of the tooth, dramatically enhancing or restoring its shape, color, and appearance. Veneers are:
•  Virtually undetectable
•  Very durable
•  Minimally invasive—the tooth reduction needed is virtually the thickness of a fingernail
•  An effective way to improve smile appearance
•  A quick and predictable way to achieve a smile makeover

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is composed of a ceramic resin that is brushed onto the tooth and hardened with intense light. Prior to bonding application, the tooth surface must be prepared to accept the bonding. This is accomplished by roughening the tooth surface and applying a gel to micro-etch the surface. A primer agent is then applied so the bond will adhere properly. Dental bonding is used for:
•  Repairing tooth decay damage
•  Improving tooth alignment
•  Filling gaps between teeth
•  Ccosmetic reasons (improving tooth appearance, including altering shade)

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening, as the name implies, is a process for making your smile brighter and more attractive. At Prins Dental, we are currently using a Hydrogen Peroxide bleach that may be applied to custom trays that we fabricate for you. This home system is very effective and affordable.

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